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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usual turnaround time for design?

We usually take 1-3 business days on standard design requests and change requests. We can also offer same-day turnaround time depending on the request’s nature and scope. Furthermore, the turnaround time is bound to exceed with larger projects.

What engagement models do you follow?

We choose our engagement models in accordance with the project’s specifications. Whether it is on a scale of small, medium or large. A project’s nature, scope and specifications is what decides the best engagement model to opt for.

Are there any charges for design consultation?

We offer a free one hour consultation call in which you can discuss all you want. Design analysis according to business and user needs can be provided on a planned appointment along with valuable feedback, suggestions and what route should the project take in order of its requirements and horizon.

Do I have to sign up for a long-term contract?

No you don’t have to bound yourself to a long-term contract. But we do offer discounts on a project-to-project basis and for long-term.

What are the steps in getting my site built?

It all depends upon the type of project again. Its stages and phases that pave the way for tailored updates, redesigns and satisfying both your states of “I have an idea but I’m not sure how to get it done” and  “I know exactly what I want.”

The General Phoenux Steps are as follows;
•  Discovery workshop (Typically 2-8 hrs)
•  Design (Typically 1-8 weeks)
•  Development (Typically 1- 16 weeks)
•  QA testing (1-2 weeks) 

What’s the process to get my product from idea to market?

The process here is broken down into three phases. The first one is Discovery. Here we get to know about the idea behind it All- your vision, business goals and what will you require to amp up your game with competitors is all known in this phase. The design phase comes next in line that involves a user-centered process to reach the final design. The thhird and final stage involves smooth design handoffs so that all the magic can be coded to perfection to ensure a successful launch.

How quickly will my project start upon contacting Phoenux?

We can start working on the project as soon as;

1. We know of the project’s scope, and,
2. A contract has been signed by both the parties.

This makes it easier for the Project Manager to take charge and within 1-2 weeks, have a team ready to start.